OK - lets talk                about that elephant  in            the room

or:- When acting get's serious and demanding
Physicality and dance are in their simplist form controlled movement of the body - you can do that!!

Dance & Physicality

Acting is all about timing and movement - some actors shy away from admitting this fact when it comes to dance - "why do I need to dance to act?"

If acting is just for fun then ofcourse you can choose or dismiss any role, but as soon as you have an agent and a fledgling career atitudes often change.

You may be releaved to know I can neither dance nor teach it so it's not on the 2lo agenda - but should you advance to serious training then dance you will and certainly if working as a career actor.

Physicality is all about how you move and express with you body - from warm up excercises to becoming an animal all fit into this sector. Remember that 

particularly in live theatre the body is worked very hard - preperation and fitness are key here. Hopefully by the time your at this stage of work your confidence allows you just to let go and "be a fish" or whatever!

Phsicality may not have words - it's the actors job to describe the action or scene.

Don't be afraid of movement - embrace it and it will pay dividends.


Acting: How To Use Your Physicality ***10 Hour Acting Masterclass*** https://the-actors-academy.teachable.com

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