OK - lets talk                about that elephant  in the room

or:- When acting get's serious and demanding

Nudity in performance

Nudity on stage or film is not new but it certainly has become more publically acceptable. It remains a big ask for actors, and for many, it is just not something they want to do.

With nudity riders even for background actors becoming more common it is often considered wise to prepare for nudity as a performer even if you then say no to roles because of it

Nudity in performance drama is only available to those acting on act4ward who have proved they have reached the point where it advances their acting.

Working at this level is a personal decision which actors should take time to decide.

The purpose of offering an introduction to nudity within Act4ward is to ensure a private, professional and comfortable approach to a demanding aspect of drama.

Advanced actors have indicated great appreciation for the approach whilst working with William David.

Of all the "elephants in the room" the subject of nudity rides at the top of the list for actors and performers.

Full nudity is still relatively rare for the average actor - but partial nudity can be seen now even in television advertising.

Being prepared for it is key if your making acting your career.

If however, it's a hobby you decide for yourself without fear of saying no would cost you your job.

And people get the wrong idea too presuming nudity must mean a sex scene or something quite extreme.

Often it is nothing of the sort - it's a shower scene - a getting up in the morning scene - a scene about someone taking your clothes at the pool - that kind of thing.

For some actors appearing dressed down let alone naked is pushing their confidence to the limits - but as an actor it is always best to keep telling themselves - it is not me - but my character - it often helps!

Body confidence in acting, and indeed any photo work - can mean quite simply better performance and less worry.

The work we do on act4ward is to ensure confidence and a professional approach at all times - but remember it's your choice - no one has the right to force you to work to this level, although as a career actor sometimes it don't feel like that!



William David has a strict policy of never working in or promoting adult entertainment work in any form.

All drama and photography follow strict public decency guidelines as set by the industry and relevant authorities and is age-appropriate. It must remain relevant to the stated and agreed aim of the work.

It is always the participant's decision as to what to include and in respect to advanced work they must be over 18.