OK - lets talk                about that elephant  in the room

or:- When acting get's serious and demanding

If your looking to castings for acting work, or have advanced to needing an agent you need to prepare yourself for the auditions and self-tapes. Remember your headshots too.

You may also decide it's time for a showreel!!

It is no good being the greatest actor in the world if no one gets to see you perform.

The massive elephant which refuses to budge is getting noticed.

The more you get on set or stage the more contacts you get and the easier it becomes.

Be realistic about your talent, and that is I know hard to do.

Don't run before you can walk and listen to advise from those who have experienced it before you.

Castings are changing - more and more reliance is made from a submitted self-tape containing the scene requested and with the script provided.

From this, a shortlist is made, and then an audition.

For many, this is Hell and can have prospective actors running away from the whole idea. 

Don't be put off - be prepared.

It is important to learn how to take rejection, as sure as eggs are eggs rejections happen to the best.

Also, be certain of who you're dealing with and wary of the unknown.

Having a worthwhile agent will take time - if you get an agent easy then your either super talented or just being added to the books to make up the numbers and profits.

I will cover this in much more detail on an individual basis for those raising to this level - in the meantime the video's on this page may help.