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or:- When acting get's serious and demanding

Scripts v Improvisation

Learning the script is a major headache for so many and particularly so for those on the autistic spectrum and allied conditions.

As a rule, I tend to prefer improvisation here and find it more suited to the work - but I do write and provide scripts as it's a technique that at some point most will need.

I often find that giving an outline to the script can then allow the actor to improvise from it.

That said with groups or filming with a cast a script is very important not just for words but for location and camera angles. Too much impro then can lead to lost shots - poor sound and timing.

As for the actual learning - there are a lot of good app's out there now, and to further help I am adding a teleprompter to the shooting equipment to make to camera work that bit easier.














James going through the script before rehearsal

No script here - the master of impro Sonnyboy with James keeping up!! [He never knew what was coming next!

A mixture of script and memory impro - first they watched the James Dean scene this came from - then they made their own version the same afternoon.

The Skelton brothers have the theme - so they make it their own!! All are professional actors.